The 25th SWIFT ACCSEA WU Badminton Tournament Successfully held on 10 July 2024 in London

中英文化体育交流协会羽毛球俱乐部去年夏季以来的第25次比赛, 今年的第13次比赛,于2024年7月10号晚上在英国伦敦温布尔登顺利举行!比赛网上直播,比赛每月1-2次, 媒体发布新闻,欢迎商家冠名和赞助我们的比赛. 我们比赛同时是欧洲足球队进行欧洲锦标赛半决赛,我们还是有8队,16名选手参赛, 非常成功!

The 25th Wu Badminton Tournament, champions: Gordon & , Runner ups: Thi & Reece
And Toby refused to stand in the middle to block the champions of the banner, showed his respect to our champions!
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25th tournament on 10 July 2024 Rules:

  1. 8 pairs divided in 2 groups, top 2 of each groups get in Semi.
  2. 1 game to 21 WITHOUT setting for group games, all other knock-out games 21 with setting if time allows
  3. Be on time, max 2 minutes warm up before each game. Group games start from 8pm, semi 9.30pm, final 9.45pm.
  4. Champions get medals and prizes
  5. Winner of each game write down the score
  6. Court 6&7, games will be live streamed
In group A, Gordon & Min performed well, beat all other 3 pairs to finish top of the group, and Reece & Thi come to 2nd with 2 wins.
In Group B, the competition is more fierce, 3 pairs have 2 wins, Andy & Yunfeng finished 1st of the group, Ben and Zak finished as 2nd.

In the semi, Thi & Reece beat Andy and Wu, Gordon & Min beat Ben & Zak.

Gordon & Min carried on their performance, to become our new champions, both are 1st time to be our champions! Congratulations to the new champions!

All the games can be watched from below link:

also on social media: Instagram, facebook, twitter….

And you can find out our past champions from here

Our next tournament will be on 24 July 2024

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